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Travis Crowder

Educator • Reader • Writer • Thinker

Sparks in the Dark .jpg
A book for educators that connects content with heart and strategy with passion. 
What people are saying:

"They are models and mentors who walk the walk. This book is a jolt we all need." —Thomas Newkirk, founder of The New Hampshire Literacy Institutes and author of (embarrassment): And the Emotional Underlife of Learning 


“Sparks in the Dark is filled with energy and hope for a brighter future for our students and ourselves." —Lester Laminack, author and literacy consultant


“Sparks in the Dark won't stay long on your bookshelf, but it will linger in your hands and will last longer in your thoughts.—Kylene Beers, coauthor of Notice and Note, Reading Nonfiction, and Disrupting Thinking


“Through honest accounts and classroom application, this book sends the message that educators can always shift their practice to better the lives of their students.”
—Sara K. Ahmed, author, speaker, and literacy coach at NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand


“Truth be told, I couldn’t put this book down, because as the authors note, their stories are ‘glimpses of our hearts’ that deeply touched my heart and sent me directly to stories about my students.”

—Laura Robb, teacher, coach, and author of The Reading Intervention Toolkit


“…offers use so many ways to be sparks in the dark as we grow as learners along with our students.

—Linda Rief, 8th-grade language arts teacher, Oyster River Middle School, Durham, NH and author of The Quickwrite Handbook, Read Write Teach, and Inside the Writers’-Readers’ Notebook


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